We execute civil & mechanical services and other engineering related functions to the petrochemical industries such as excavation, backfilling, banking, construction of RCC foundations for equipment, pipe racks, pipe sleepers, manholes etc., road, fencing & boundary wall works, all kinds of industrial buildings like sub-stations, control rooms, compressor & miscellaneous shelters etc. and _ other infrastructures, repair and maintenance of concrete structures, machineries and equipment, sand blasting and painting, renovation and modification works and installation activities etc.



Civil Construction
  • Excavation, backfilling, embankment and dewatering work.
  • All types of Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C) works.
  • Construction of all kinds of roads, fence and boundaries
  • Demolition works.
Mechanical Construction
  • Pre-fabrication and installation of steel structures.
  • Installation of piping, tanks and silos.
  • GRP & FRP piping.
  • Installation of stationary and rotating equipment.